How do you know when you are meant to be with someone?

We’ve all heard the cliche that when you find “the one,” you will know it. But how do you really know?

It is difficult to describe a spiritual connection, but it’s there when you find someone who stands by your side during the highest highs and lies down with you during the lowest lows. These are the signs you’ve found your soulmate.

1. You feel like you’ve known them for a long time

There’s a reason for the old cliche “when you know, you just know.” When you meet the person who is meant for you, it’s almost as if you’ve known them forever. You have a deep connection with them and they understand you so well. They lift you up on your good days, and help you through your bad ones.

They understand your humor, your quirks, and all the little things that make you unique. They’re not afraid to see the real you, and they cherish and appreciate you for exactly who you are. This telepathic understanding makes having a relationship with them feel easy. It’s almost like they are from another life or something. And that’s a beautiful thing. Those are the best kinds of relationships.

2. You’re comfortable being yourself around them

One of the clearest signs that you are meant to be with someone is if you feel comfortable being yourself around them. There’s no need to put on a persona around them, or worry that they won’t like you for who you really are. You can tell them your guilty pleasures, weird quirks, and deepest secrets without hesitation.

You also find that you share the same values and want the same things out of life. You both want to stay active and healthy, for example. Laughter is a big part of your relationship, and you both love to make each other smile. This doesn’t mean that everything is perfect all the time, but it does give you a sense of peace knowing that your partner understands that not every day will go exactly as planned.

3. You notice them instantaneously

You just know that this person is a special person. Whether they’re walking down the hall or sitting next to you on the couch, you can tell that there is something about them that makes you feel happy and excited just to be around them.

It’s almost like they were destined to be your partner, and the only thing that could possibly make it better is if you were destined to be theirs, too.

They understand you and what makes you tick. They have a way of saying things that make you laugh even on your worst days, and they know exactly how to comfort you when you’re upset. They also appreciate the things you love to do. You’re a perfect match, inside and out.

4. You feel safe with them

You feel safe with them, which means you can trust them with your most vulnerable parts. You can tell them about your fears and dreams, and they listen without judgment. You can also talk about your problems, and they help you work through them.

You and your partner have the same values, which is important in a deep relationship. You’ll want to spend time together doing the things you love, whether that’s traveling or working out.

You can also rely on them when you have to be away for a long time, like if you go on a business trip or visit family. This is another sign that you are meant to be with this person. You miss them when they aren’t with you, which is a good sign that your connection is strong.

5. You’re not afraid to be vulnerable with them

One of the biggest signs that you are meant to be with someone is the way they make you feel safe. This doesn’t just mean physically, but also emotionally. They let you cry with them and they aren’t afraid to see you at your lowest.

They will also help you to grow and change, but they won’t push you so hard that you become unhealthy or bitter. They will be happy to go to a sporting event with your friends or they will welcome you for wine night with the girls.

They understand that you have multiple versions of yourself and they love all of them. They don’t judge you when you wear makeup, act a little erratic or even fall asleep on the couch at 1 a.m.